Laser, LED, & InkJet: A Rundown

If you’ve ever been shopping for a printer, you might’ve had some options on the technology behind your machine. There are three major varieties of how a printer can get your images on paper. Here’s a rundown on what they are and what they mean for your business.

Laser printers are the most common for business use, and for good reason. The technology behind it involves a laser that fuses a powder toner onto paper. This laser goes line by line down the page at extremely high speeds. Within the class of laser printers, there are various color options that present itself. There’s monochrome, single-pass color, four-pass color, and solid ink. Depending on what you’ll be using the printer for, your best option will change. However; monochrome is the most common as it’s simple black and white.

LED printers use a similar technology to laser printers, except with LED lights instead of a laser. Unlike laser printer that have a moving laser, LED printers uses stationary lights to fuse the toner onto paper line by line. This adds an aspect of reliability that laser printers don’t have because of their moving parts. Due to their design as well, LED printers are sized smaller than Laser printers.

TASKalfa_5002i_250pxlsInkjet printers are a different ball game. Instead of fusing powder onto paper, Inkjet printers use actual ink to create images and letters on paper. This technology is cheaper than the options above, making it attractive to at home use. Even though the initial investment for printers like this is lower, the cost of the ink is notably higher than the toner for Laser and LED.

When looking at the three options together, Laser and LED fit into a similar category. They require a higher initial investment, but cheaper long term costs. As well, they are both faster than Inkjet printers, but that comes with a slight compromise in quality. Inkjet printers are ideal for home use due to their cheap initial investment and high quality capabilities for photos and such. When choosing a printer for your business, we are here to help. Please use our lease pricing tool and we will be in touch shortly after for further assistance.

Varieties of Paper | A Rundown

Paper is a key component ofpexels-photo-256467 printing and copying. And without it, well that’d just make a mess. Because it’s necessary for any copier, let’s learn more about it. The most common form that paper comes in is a ream. This is a standardized package of 500 sheets of paper and it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s sized as letter paper (8.5” x 11”) or legal (8.5” x 14”). On that ream is a weight that corresponds to its thickness. The standard weight is 20lbs for letter paper, but 24lbs and 40lbs are also common. These correspond to mid-weight and card stock paper respectively. Beyond that, paper can be purchased in different quantities outside of a ream. Paper can be purchased in cases holding 10 reams, and pallets holding 40 cases. At Automated Business Products we sell paper and much more. If you’re in the market for a copier or printer, use our printer pricing tool and we’ll be with you soon.

In House Production Printing | Why It Makes Sense

For small and large businesses alike, large scale production printing tends to be outsourced. But why? With today’s technology, in house production printing has never been more affordable and possible. Each printer manufacturer has developed incredible machines that function in expanded ways. This gives you the capabilities to be independent with your production printing. Here are some reasons why printing in house is beneficial to your business.

Along with in sourcing comes heightened security with your documents. Whether or not your business prints classified materials, I don’t know. However, it’s evident that holding the documents in house and not sending them to various printing companies is the safer route in this regard.

At Automated Business Products, we are here to help you find the right printer. Whether or not you need a production printer is a question we can answer. There certainly aren’t downsides to owning one. They are faster, more powerful, and can add incredible efficiency. And just as important, they enhance your business’s capabilities and in turn, your image. Click here to use our amazing pricing tool. A simple tool to help find your needs, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

The ECOSYS P8060cdnn | Kyocera’s New Printer

New to Kyocera’s impressive line ofkyocera ECOSYS P8060cdn printers is the P8060cdnn. This A3 sized printer is a color printer with exceptional quality. Kyocera’s new printer highlights their newest technology with better performance, more capabilities, and less environmental impact. Heightened performance comes with 60ppm, expandable capacity up to 7,150 sheets, and professional finishing options. It’s new capabilities include security, cost management, and a 9” touch screen adding endless capabilities. Most notable is the eco-friendly aspect to this printer. The toner for this printer has smaller particles which allows for easier fusion to the paper. This lowers your electricity costs and environmental footprint.

Even if this printer isn’t the right one for your business, it’s still an impressive step for Kyocera. Automated Business Products is here to help you find the right printer. For 80% of our clients, we’re able to lower costs and increase efficiency. If you’re in the market for a printer or copier, please our amazing rental pricing tool and we’ll be in contact with you shortly.

Square 9 | Document Management Solution

For businesses, documentLOGO_03-Solid management can be problematic. Papers are constantly moving throughout offices, making them harder to find. Square 9 is software that successfully solves this problem. It provides a document management solution for all businesses that increases productivity, adds continuity, heightens compliance, and aids in collaboration. As an online program, Square 9 allows your business to efficiently store documents by customizing their rightful places. For one accounting firm, this software increased efficiency by 35%-45% and lowered document storage requirements by nearly 90%.

 So where do we come in? Well, Automated Business Products is now an authorized retailer of this software! Not only to we understand its ins and outs, but we can install it directly to your printer to make your life easier. So give us a call if you’re interested. If you’re looking for a printer or copier, please use our fast and easy purchase pricing tool and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Featured Lanier of the Month: The MP C307

The MP C307 is a part of Lanier’s Signature Series. It’s designed with the most popular combination of features and benefits, letting you get the best multifunction printer for your business needs. Sepcifically, the MP C307 has all-in-one print, copy, scan, fax, local storage and cloud capabilities. This allows for this small powerhouse to take on the role of your workgroup’s information management hub. Here are some of its highlights.

Brilliant Color: Lanier has drastically improved the quality of their prints. Their newest technology allows for professional quality images in 1200 x 1200 dpi. There’s even adjustable color setting to help bring out what you feel fits the print. And finally, their new Black Over Print technology easily eliminate defects from photos and other documents.

Large File Capabilities: This printer has an Intel 1.46 GHz processor which is extremely powerful for its class. That, paired with it’s 2 GB of RAM allows for this machine to process large files without compromising other prints or workflows.

Workgroup Productivity: As mentioned before, this is truly an all-in-one copier. It does so much, especially for a desktop. With these capabilities and its touch screen controller, it can truly become a workgroup management hub. The controller and more allows for ease in Cloud storage and printing, along with endless more capabilities.

The specifications behind this production printer also go hand in hand with its impressive capabilities. It’s output speed allows for printing, scanning, and copying up to 31 pages per minute. The max density per inch is 1200×1200, and the capacity is 1,350 pages of paper. If these specifications and capabilities above don’t impress, then maybe take a second look. At Automated Business Products of Colorado Springs, we can get you this powerhouse or any other copier that fits the needs of your company. Click here to use our simple pricing tool to help us find your needs, and we’ll get right back to you.

Differences in Leasing and Buying a Copier or Printer

The decision to rent or buy a copier is no easy one. There are a lot of options, and the fact of the matter is that every business needs one. Leasing has its benefits, especially if you’re a small business without the capital to afford such a large investment. However, after reading this, you might find a way to make purchasing justifiable. Below are some differences between your two options.


Most commonly, leasing is the route business choose to take, with an industry average lease duration of 48 months. You get brand new equipment with the latest technology, and monthly payment gives your company budget consistency which makes upgrading easier when your copier is at the end of its leasing term. Additionally, it’s easier to negotiate a lease rather than a loan from a bank. This makes leasing the more attractive choice. Ideal Situation- companies with good credit, who want a low monthly payment, and who want brand new equipment and technology.


Renting is different from leasing because when renting a printer or copier, you will always get used equipment with outdated technology that costs more. However, this may not be important to some companies. Typically, rental contracts are much more flexible and less binding than a lease, thus having a higher monthly payment. Ideal Situation- companies who have mediocre/poor credit, are willing to accept used equipment, and just need basic equipment features & technology. 


If your business has the capital to make a purchase of this size, than it removes negotiating a lease. You have complete control over what model you are buying, allowing you to shop around. And most of all, due to Election 179, your business can write off the entire purchase of the copier for that given year, giving your business a large tax deduction. However, buying is the industry’s least common choice. Reasons are, finance constraints, technology changes, less recourse and fewer model choices. Ideal Situation- companies who have flexible capital, want brand new equipment & technology, and want to utilize Election 179.

We understand that these decisions can be a tough choice and varies on a company to company basis. Here at Automated Business Products of Colorado Springs, let us guide you through this difficult landscape. Click here to use our easy printer pricing tool so we can better assist your needs.

Copier Machine Rental

Copier machine rental is an overwhelming thought, but don’t fret. Kyocera CopierEspecially if you’re a small business, you need to keep up with the times without breaking the bank. At Automated Business Products, we’re here to help. We offer many options to buy or rent copiers, printers, and MFPs. Leasing these complex pieces of machinery comes with some benefits when compared to buying.

First off, there’s the simple aspect of the initial outlay for a purchase. When buying a printer or copier in full, you are forking over a lot of cash or negotiating a loan with a bank. No one wants that, and this can be notably tough for small businesses. Compare this to renting, and your life will be a lot less stressful. A consistent, monthly price is negotiated which (normally for 24-48 months) provides exceptional ease for budgeting. This gives your company assurance from the moment you sign that lease agreement.

Taxes also provide an incentive for printer and copier rental. When purchasing a printer outright and in full, sales tax adds to the already high cost of buying. With renting as well, you can deduct each rental payment from taxes as a business expense. This provides a consistent, long term incentive.

Finally, the technology in this industry is an ever-changing entity. The Kyocera Copiercompanies behind these copiers and printers are always adding valuable and efficient features to their machines. Because of this, if you purchase a printer, it could be out of date in just four years. When renting a copier machine, you’ll know when upgrading is a possibility. This can be at the end of a lease, or even during it, depending on the leasing agreement.

Copier machine rental can be a tough choice, and the route you take often varies depending on the company. At Automated Business Products, we are simply trying to get you the machine you need, at the best price, and with superior customer service. Please use our lease pricing tool and we’ll get back to you shortly with more information.

The Future of Automation

On Friday, June 16th, Amazon purchased Whole Foods for $13.7 Billion. This is big for the world of automation. The food and grocery market in the US is one of the largest, and has annual spending of about $800 billion. Amazon has only recently dipped into this market with AmazonFresh groceries, something that’s even available in Denver. This illuminates questions about what’s to come for the retail industry, especially in the realm of automation.

It is undeniable wholethat Amazon has made waves in the technology industry. After their Kindle E-reader, the Amazon Echo assistant has found wild success. Recently, they took technology into their brick and mortar presence with the Amazon Go store. This futuristic convenience store lets customers walk in, take what they want, and then be billed instantly to their Amazon account. And in a world where more and more people want faster shopping on their terms, this concept is sure to spark some interest. So what does this mean for Whole Foods? Well that’s unwritten, and there’s an even larger question in play. What is ahead for the brick and mortar retail industry? Automated business models will surely play some role in our lives soon. Here at Automated Business Products, we will continue to keep up with these changes, and most importantly, make sure you do too.

Kyocera Apps for Copiers

Kyocera is ahead of the curve with their line of Kyocera Apps for their copiers, printers, and MFPs. At Automated Business Products in Colorado Springs, we excel in teaching and installing these apps to make your business more efficient. Below are just three highlights of the groundbreaking applications they have.

Kyocera DM Connect AppDM Connect: DM Connect is a revolutionary interface to help with document storage. It creates more efficient work flows with easy document accessibility. The app aligns with existing document storage systems and amplifies their capabilities. By simply inputting the selected variables of each document and then scanning it, this system intelligently stores the document where it’s easy for others to find and use.

Teaching Assistant: Teaching Assistant is the assistant all teachers canKyocera Teaching Assistant Application afford. By installing this application to your MFP, tests can be created, printed, graded, and analyzed from your copier or printer. The application allows teachers to create bubble sheets corresponding to the test questions. Once the answer sheet is input, teachers can swiftly and accurately grade tests. From there, the application gives various statistics about how/where the students did/didn’t excel. It truly is a teaching assistant, just one that comes with your Kyocera copier or printer.

Cloud Connect:  Kyocera Cloud Connect is a powerful tool adding connectivity to their cloud storage service. In this technological business environment, cloud storage is becoming the new normal. The capability to access and store anything from anywhere via the internet is revolutionary. Kyocera Cloud Connect allows the user to scan or copy a document and Kyocera Cloud Connect Appimmediately upload it to their preferred cloud storage provider. This goes both ways with the capability to print from the cloud too, providing a seamless and convenient transfer of documents.

At Automated Business Products, we’re here to address your copier/printer needs. Whether that’s by installing apps, or anything else, let us know how we can help. Our purchase pricing tool is a simple tool to help you find exactly what you need. After using it we’ll be in contact with you shortly to help.