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Since Kyocera’s inception in 1959, its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been a vital part of the KYOCERA DNA, which is why they regularly donate devices to support charities close to the communities they call home. Their latest donation to a fantastic organization comes in the form of a brand new ECOSYS M6035cidn printer. They have chosen to donate this machine to Bolton’s Befriending Refugee and Asylum Seeker Service (BRASS).

BRASS is a non-religious organization run by dedicated volunteers to address the lack of support for refugees and asylum seekers entering Bolton. This organization offers free specialized advice on immigration, asylum, job searching, citizenship, and legal rights to masses of people coming to Bolton. Also, BRASS runs a variety of services to teach English, cultural rights and responsibilities, better transition refugees to UK life, and aid in any other area refugees may need help in. BRASS works closely with similar organizations, such as the British Red Cross and Refugee Action.

The ECOSYS M6035cidn printer will replace BRASS’s previous device which, although initially able to support the organization, quickly became overpowered and ineffective as the organization – and its printing needs – grew. The new equipment will be used by the organization’s staff, as well as a much wider group of volunteers, student teachers and visitors, to support the organization’s many activities.

Brass now has three satellite projects, none of which have a printer available to them.

“Having a printer at our disposal will save us time as well as being available for our volunteers, student teachers, and service users.”

The donation of a brand-new printer will not only be a massive support to BRASS in the years to come, but it will also save the organization money that can be better spent addressing refugee needs in Bolton.

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