6 Important Copier Leasing Tips

In today’s day and age, what is known as a “copier” has become much more than a copier. These machines today are commonly referred to as Multifunction Printers (MFP’s). We assure you that these machines do much more than make copies. Standard functionalities of these devices are printing, scanning, copying, and faxing, to name a few simple. An MFP is a gatekeeper to optimize business workflow. Without having the right solutions in place, a business can be victim to much more than just day to day frustration. In the end, it can affect the core of your business’s practices, and ultimately the bottom line.

We have been in the office technologies business for over 15 years. Within that period, we have noticed some critical factors leading to misplaced equipment. Here are our top tips to help guide you into your next copier lease with us.


1. Printing Volume for a copier lease

When looking to lease a copier, it is essential to know your business’s expected volume. The different types of media (paper) that you are going to want the machine to be able to handle. Various Multifunction printers are designed for specific volume and usage levels. Ultimately, you don’t want to run 6,000 pages through a machine that is designed to handle 60,000 pages a month. Just as much as you don’t want a device that is doing 100,000 pages per month when it is designed for 10,000 a month. Situations like these can affect the performance of the machine you acquire, as well as the required maintenance of the device.

First, you must estimate how much you are planning on printing currently and look into machines that are recommended for your Average Monthly Page Volume (AMPV). The right tool for your business is generally close to the middle of your monthly volume. This can be found within the manufacture’s recommendations. The ratings that are provided by the manufactures of the machines are based on 8.5’’ x 11’’ (letter) media size. Any media larger than the manufacture recommendation should be counted as two pages. It is important to remember that more substantial media sizes also can contribute to faster wear of the machine. If you are planning to run large media volumes or massive stocks, to be safe, you may want to be in the lower 33% of the recommended manufacture volumes.

2. Monthly Duty Cycle vs. Recommended Average Monthly Print Volume for a copier lease

Secondly, the duty cycle of a machine is not indicated by the monthly volume that a specific device was designed to run. However, it is an indication of the production capabilities of the Multifunction Printer. The Duty Cycle of a machine is a formula that calculates how many pieces of paper the device would be capable of running. Should it run 24/7 with limited breaks to add increased volumes of paper and the occasional paper jam? It is very important that your print volume is not anywhere near the duty cycle volume of the machine. This level of work on the device is not expected to be achieved on a regular basis.

3. Faster Isn’t Always Better with a copier lease

Thirdly, it’s a common misconception for customers to assume that a faster machine can handle more volume. However, there are many fast machines (46-56 pages/minute) that are designed to run well under 11,000 pages/month. This class of device is usually described as an “A4” machine. They do not support media sizes of 11’’ x 17’’. With that said, they have their niche, but if you are looking for a machine that is going to be able to handle larger paper sizes. You are going to want to look for a device with more advanced functionalities. Just because a proposed machine is faster, doesn’t mean it’s the machine for you.

4. Color Output

Furthermore, if you need to have a machine that can match colors or run more substantial paper stocks, you will most likely need to investigate Light Production machines, and not into business color devices. 

Ultimately, Business Color Devices can produce an awesome color image. However, they do have their limitations. Simply just adding a Fiery to a business color machine will not make it perform like a Light Production MFP. Devices that are apart of the Light Production Tier are designed to be able to handle: collateral, print shop, high volume, specialty paper, advanced finishing options, and much more depending on the machine.

Optimizing color output can become a daunting task quickly! So, if you are still unsure of what you need, it is always best to bring the types of media you will be using, as well as job samples to run on our showroom devices before you think about buying the machine. Additionally, don’t overspend on a Light Production MFP if you are a business that prints internal documents, or even color images that don’t need to be color-matched.

5. Leasing Terms

Additionally, when thinking about leasing a machine for a longer term to lower your monthly payment. It is essential to consider where the device will be living.

Simply put, in multi-user or even dirty environments, we recommend a 36-month term or even a 48 a month term. After 48 months with a machine in these environments, you will likely see an increase in service needs as the device continues to be pushed past its limits.

If you stick to a print volume in the mid-range of the machines AMPV (see #1) and the device is in a controlled environment (like a traditional office environment), you can feel more comfortable leasing for 60 months.

6. Solutions Compatibility

In conclusion, copier leasing in today’s world isn’t just a copier, as we mentioned earlier. A Multifunction Printer can be fantastic too to integrate with your business. It is providing document workflow applications that will help to improve your companies core processes. Do you want print governance, departmental cost tracking, intelligent scanning, or other document solutions integrated with your machine? It is crucial to think about your current or future for document workflow and applications. Ensure that your new MFP is compatible with your organization.

It is incredible how spending the extra time in the beginning before you sign for a new copier lease can impact you in the long run. This will help to ensure that your new device and your organization are a good fit for each other. As well as ensuring that you are getting the best price, increase your productivity, and lessen the needs for maintenance down the road.

Are you still not sure what Multifunction Printer is right for your organization? No problem! Contact us, and one of our experienced representatives can perform a free analysis of your current situation. You will receive a FREE report with our recommendations for print volume and cost analysis, as well as efficiency and paperless opportunities! Contact us today!

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